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SEO Software Must Read Books


Top SEO/SEM Books

This list of resources, if read and used properly, can teach you everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to be successful.

Lee Underwood A Brief History of Search Engines

WebmasterWorld Forum A Brief History of SEO

Gradiva Couzin A History of Search Engine Marketing on the Web

Jeff Palmer The 11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization

Dan Thies Search Engine Positioning: 3 Key Principles

SEO Today SEO Strategies

Danny Sullivan Intro to Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization and submission resources

GoArticles SE Optimization Category

Danny Sullivan News Search Engines

Jill Whalen Ten Tips to the Top of the Search Engines

Dave Davies 10 Steps To Higher Search Engine Positioning

Andrew Thomas Algorithmic Search Engine Optimisation

Internet Search Engine Database Search Engine Optimization Articles

Kalena Jordan Before Launching Your SEO Campaign

Dave Davies Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website Series

Dan Thies The Search Engine Marketing Kit

Itai Levitan Knowing When Not to Optimize

Anthony Hart How Many Search Engines do We Really Need?

Hugo Guzman Who needs an SEO?

Aaron Wall SEO Book

Paul Gulliver SEO for Dum Dums

Sean Burns Rankings Revealed

Google Guide How Google Works

MSN Search site ranking

Danny Sullivan Search Engine Technology (Online Resources)

Yelena Shapiro with Etelka Lehoczky How do search engines work?

Clara Yu, John Cuadrado, Maciej Ceglowski, J. Scott Payne Patterns in Unstructured Data: Inside the mind of a Search Engine

Robert K. McCourty Search Engine Observations: Return of The Metacrawler

Bruce Clay, Inc. The latest Search Engine Relationship Chart

Danny Sullivan How Search Engines Rank Web Pages

Chris Sherman Metacrawlers and Metasearch Engines How Web Search Engines Work

Bruce Grossan Search Engines What they Are, How They Work, and Practical Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Them

Jaclyn Easton Web Traffic Secrets

Aaron Matthew Wall The SEO Book What is Pay Per Click

Yelena Shapiro with Etelka Lehoczky How to choose your keywords

Harjot Kaleka Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

Olivier Duffez Should You Use Targeted Keywords In URL?

Steve Jackson Are You Using These Keyword Selection Guidelines To Improve Website Conversion Rates?

John Alexander How To Choose Keywords Before they Skyrocket in Popularity

Mitchell Harper and Eddie Machaalani Google SEO Basics for Beginners Step 1. Choosing The Right Keywords

Robert Harris Power Google Chapter 2: Developing a Search Strategy

James D. Brausch Domain Names and Keywords in URL's

Yelena Shapiro Using keywords in the text of your pages

WebProWorld Forum Keyword Density

Search Engine Dictionary Article "Keyword"

Mary Davies Table Structures For Top Search Engine Positioning

Harjot Kaleka Meta Tags Optimization for Search Engines

W3C Recommendation The global structure of an HTML document

Brandon Olejniczak Using XHTML/CSS for an Effective SEO Campaign

WebmasterWorld Forum SEO with CSS

Markus Sobek The Effect of the Number of Pages

Shari Thurow SEO and Successful Site Architecture

Robin Nobles Successful Site Architecture

The main source for information on the  robots.txt

Martijn Koster A Standard for Robot Exclusion

W3C Recommendation The robots.txt file

Jagdeep. S. Pannu Working With The robots.txt File

Daria Goetsch Site Maps and Hypertext Links - Spider Food for Search Engine Robots

Google Information for Webmasters  Submitting your site

MSN Site Owner MSN Search Web Crawler and Site Indexing

Yahoo! Search Submission

Anne Kennedy Directory Submissions - Be Nice, Be Honest when Dealing with Directories

Danny Sullivan Essentials of Search Engine Submission

SearchEngineWatch Search Engine Submission Tips

Jill Whalen Submitting to the Spidering Search Engines

Markus Hoevener Search Engine Submissions and Services - You Get What You Pay For

SEO Chat Website Submission

Google Information for Webmasters  PageRank Information

Google Corporate Information Technology Overview

Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine

Ian Rogers The Google Pagerank Algorithm and How It Works

Harjot Kaleka Google PageRank Algorithm Explained

Wayne Hurlbert Links: Frequently Asked Questions

Scott Buresh Building Link Popularity Improves Search Engine Ranking

Jill Whalen Link Popularity

Andrew Goodman Search Marketing 2004: What's Right, What's Wrong

Chris Sherman Measuring Search Engine Marketing ROI

Jaclyn Easton WEB TRAFFIC SECRETS: 17 Innovative & Affordable Ways to Get More Visitors Now

Eric T. Peterson Web Analytics Demystified: A Marketers Guide to Understanding How Your Web Site Affects Your Business

Jim Sterne Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success